Strmznik Maks

Strmznik Maks

* 1948 Crna (SLO)

Born 23 October 1948 at Crna in Koroška, now living in Ljubljana and working as a composer, harpsichordist, organist and teacher. He studied composition under Prof. L.M.Skerjanc and Prof. Uroš Krek at the Ljubljana Academy of Music, graduating in 1974. He began his career in music as harpsichordist with the Ljubljana Baroque Trio (now renamed the Slovene Baroque Trio) with soprano I.Baar and violinist T.Lorenz, and the Trio Barocco Forte, with soprano O.Gracelj and trumpeter S.Arnold. His other activities include piano improvisation and teaching (at the Ljubljana Secondary School of Music and Ballet and as an assistant professor at the Academy of Music). Chronologically he is a member of the middle generation of younger Slovene composers. His compositions employ modal and polytonal principles and aleatory technique and feature a modern differentiated tone.


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