Rampazzo Angelino

Rampazzo Angelino

* 1942

Angelino Rampazzo was born in Montemerlo-Cervarese Santa Croce (Padua/Italy) in 1942. His education includes classical and University studies as well as studies in Theology and Music (Piano, Choral Music and  Choir Conduction, Composition and Tuning-up of keyboard instruments). After a 10-year teaching career in  Midddle School, he became a Regular Professor in  the Conservatory “A. Pedrollo” in Vicenza, where he has taught Theory, Solfeggio and Musical Dictation for 25 years. It is worth mentioning that in the last few years, his teaching has been based on an innovative experimental project which differs from traditional courses in the renewed conception of both contents and method. As far as the teaching of music, he has published a Treatise on Transposition and, in conjunction with the School of Percussion Instruments, he elaborated and then published a Method in 5 volumes for keyboard percussion instruments. He also holds afternoon courses in Primary School for the musical education of pupils as well as training courses for teacher. For a long time now, he has shown a keen interest in liturgical music, both as composer and as a player. In this field, he is the author of 3 Masses: In onore di Maria Santissima, In onore dei Santi Arcangeli and In Onore di San Michele Arcangelo al Gargano e San Pietro da Petralcina. He has recently set to music  the Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary, published under the name of Rosario della Vergine Maria.


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