Daniele Salvatore

Daniele Salvatore

* 22.06.1957

He took several diplomas (flute, composition, choir conductorship and recorder), he specialised with S. Gazzelloni, M. Ancillotti, G. Manzoni, E. Morricone, A. Persichilli, A. Nicolet, F. Donatoni, F. Brüggen, S. Sciarrino, L. Berio, A. Corghi and D. De La Motte. He won numerous prizes both as composer and as recorder player. He was the first Italian composer to win an important recognition during the competition “Waging Peace Through Singing” organised by an important American institution, and his composition for choir “One, Two, Three, Four” has been chosen among the others. As recorder player he recorded the first world execution of the “Partitura del primo libro de canzoni francese a 4 & alcune Suonate” by N. Corradini /Tactus), “Gnic Gnach e altri balli strumentali italiani del Seicento” by Anonimous of the XVII century (VideoRadio) and “Delle virtute et arte del danzare” (Haro). He performed in Italy, Ireland, Egypt, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Lebanon, San Marino, Turkey and Greece. In 2001 he has been invited to perform his composition at the festival “Lutoslawsky” of Stettin (Poland). He recorded on CD Shamrock “Passacaglia della carne e dello spirito” performed by Quartetto Chitarristico Italiano (Rainbow Classica), “Helin” for sax and piano, performed by Mario Marzi and Paolo Zannini, with Arnoldo Foà as acting voice (Stradivarius), “Conchiglia Strombo” for “Shell” ensemble, recorded by Nijen Antonio Coatti (Alma Musica Harpo). He published several compositions in Italy and Belgium: the saxophone quartet “I sette veli” and the above-mentioned “Helin” with the publisher Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, the didactic work for flute “Scale e arpeggio per flauto traverso” with Ut Orpheus and “L’Arte opportuna al sonar di flauto”, revision and commentary of the “Opera Intitulata Fontegara” by Silvestro Ganassi with the Gruppo Editoriale Eridania. For several years he has alternated the job as composer-concert artist with that one of research-musicologist. The fruits of his works are: “Partitura del primo libro de canzoni francese a 4 & alcune Suonate” and the “Ricercari””, both by Nicolò Corradini and the collection “Musica” by Giovanni Cavaccio published by Ut Orpheus. At the present he is permanent teacher of recorder at the Conservatory in Pescara.


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