Nuñez Allauca Alejandro

Nuñez Allauca Alejandro

* 1943

Born on 18th April 1943 at Moquegua/Peru, began his musical career at the age of 9, when he  appeared as an accordion soloist at the Radio Corporación de Cerro de Pasco, in the Peruvian Andes. In the 1955, he moved to Lima, where he learnt the basics of score-reading under the guidance of m. Manuel Cabrera Guerra, organist of Lima cathedral. In 1959, he  wrote his first compositions for accordion and voice, and made a transcription of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and of Dvorak’s New World Symphony for the accordion and composed a little “opera” in a comic vein, which was performed by a group of students. In 1961 won the Peruvian Accordion Competition, superior category and begins pedagogic studies and cello at the Lima Conservatory, and studies of harmony and counterpoint with m. Andres Sas. In 1967-68 he engaged in research on contemporary music and wrote a number of avantgarde pieces. In 1969-70 won an international competition for a scholarship awarded  by the Instituto Torquato di Tella of Buenos Aires for research on electronic and contemporary music. In 1971 won a scholarship of the Organization of American States, enabling him to live in Buenos Aires as a composer. In 1972-73 lived in Hollywood/Florida  and in 1978 obtained Diploma of Musical Composition with top marks at the Lima Conservatory. In 1979 the National Symphony Orchestra of Lima, gave the first performance of his Koribeni Suite and won a second prize at the Latin American Composition Competition at Santiago del Chile with a String Quartet. In the years 1982 – 1983 he composes the ballet Huatyacuri , the Concerto ornamental  and the cantata A Bolivar. In 1987 moved to Milan at the invitation of a private school of music, where he has been teaching for a number of years. In 1988 he composes Rapsodia and Serenata for harp commissioned by the Carlos Dudek Foundation of Ibiza, in 1989 the cantata Aleluya del Alba commissioned by the tenor Luigi Alva and performed in 1992 at the International Festival of Contemporary Music at Kishinev/Moldavia. In 1994 first performance of the Wiesbaden Concerto for piano and orchestra and in 1995 first performance worldwide of Sonrisa de Jesus at the third Christmas concert held in the Vatican. In 1997 first performance of the overture El Hijo del Sol  with the orchestra of Radio I, Moscow and Flor de Nieve for vocal duet and orchestra, commissioned by the tenor Ernesto Palacio. In 1997-1998 composes the Missa Andina and the piece La montaña de Luz for vocal trio and orchestra to commemorate the centenary for the birth of the Peruvian tenor Alejandro Granda.




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