Thoresen Lasse

Thoresen Lasse

* 18.10.1949

Lasse Thoresen received a graduate degree in composition from the Oslo Music Conservatory, where he studied under F. Mortensen. He then studied electrophony and composition under W. Kaegi at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has been teaching electrophony, sonology and composition at the Norwegian State Academy of Music since 1975. Thoresen has received a number of important awards: The Norwegian Society of Composers’ Work of the Year several times; the Lindeman award for his integral work as a composer (1987); the Prix Jacques Durand from the Institut de France, Académie des Beaux Arts for his music (2001); the Foundation Samii-Housseinpour Prize (Belgium) in 2002; and in 2003, the Edvard Prize for Lop, lokk og linjar, for sinfonietta and folk singer (performed at Présences 2004). Influenced by Norwegian folk music, French spectral music and Harry Partch’s tonal system “Just Intonation”, Thorsen has a special interest in microtonality.



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