Ajdic Alojz

Ajdic Alojz

* 1939

Born 1939 in Fojnica near Sarajevo(Bosnia-Herzegovina), during the war, he moved to Croatia together with his parents, and then on to Maribor. Now he lives and works in Kranj. His first musical instrument to play was piano, but even as a grammar-school student he started playing his primary instrument

-clarinet- seriously. He studied clarinet under Miha Gunzek at the Ljubljana Academy of Music, graduating in 1968. even as a student of clarinet, he made his first attempts at writing music, and after taking his degree he continued his studies at  the Department of Composition under academician Professor Uroš Krek. Ajdic is a composer with “ a musical gift for revealing rich, bright tonal colour and a carefully planned compositional rhythm. He has an effective grasp of the duality of modal and more modern melodies”. Having worked in teaching, music teaching ad publishing, Ajdic is today a freelance composer. His works, which are of a profound nature and which tend towards the unique, include orchestral and chamber music and music for soloists and choirs. For the Third Symphony for percussion and orchestra (1996) he received a Prešeren Foundation Award in 1997.



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