Perez Tedesco Fabian

Perez Tedesco Fabian

* 1963 Buenos Aires

Percussionist and composer born in Buenos Aires in 1963. Pupil of N. Astutti, he graduated from Argentina's National Conservatory of Music. He attended graduate courses with Maestri Peter Sadlo and Gert Mortensen. In Argentina he performed in several orchestras among them, the BA Phil.Orch. In 1983 he won the nomination as Timpanist with the Colon Theatre Orch., while also acting as percussionist with the EIMC group. Since 1987 he is percussionist at Trieste's G.Verdi Theatre. As a soloist he has played with orchestras conducted by L.Spiller, A.Bevilacqua, E.Pomarico, G.Gandini, L. Heltay, F.Ficiur and A.Spiller. He has performed many marimba/percussion recitals in Argentina, Italy, Croatia and Slovenija.He has played the premiËre for a great number of works written specially for him, also in very famous concert halls. He taught at several Argentine music conservatories. He joined the team that elaborated the National Programms for Percussion. In Italy, he succeded at the national teaching examination of 1993. He founded the Triestango quintett, of increasing word wide fame. He has recorded numerous CDs for EMI, Rugginenti, Audio Ars Studio, Velut luna, etc. Among these, "Contemporary marimba" published by Rusty Record, contains works for solo marimba, written for him. He has also recorded for TV channels of different countries. As a composer he is autodidact and eclectic. Rhythm and percussion are of main interest in his pieces. In 1997 he's been awarded the first price at the Composition Competition of the Prescenio Found at Buenos Aires, Argentina, for Empor (solo marimba and percussion quartet). Some of his pages are published by Pizzicato, Rugginenti and Taukay, and many of his works have been recorded in CDs and broadcasted by National Radios.



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