Gamsachurdia Demetre

Gamsachurdia Demetre

* 1988

Already at twelve years of age Demetre begins to compose his first symphony with the title Caucasus.  Also his first own piano compositions show his talent in the area of composition like Der Abgrund and Der Himmel des Himalaja, premiere on 15.10.2001, the composition of Hoffnung, premiere on 22.11.2002 as well as Feuerwesen on 24.10.2003 at the Music-Academy Basel.  The Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation supports Demetre in 2003 with a specific notes computer program Sibelius II for composing as well as in 2004 and 2005 with a contribution for his composition instruction by the famous Swiss composer Rudolf Kelterborn.  On 25 May 2004 two youth orchestras in the famous Goetheanum Dornach realized the premiere of the symphonic work Höhlenzeichen. In 2005 Demetre receives the SUISA-Prize for his own piano composition Corona and in the same year the premiere of the piano piece Saena takes place at the Altensteiger Summer Music Festival in Germany.  2006 Metaphor for violin solo experienced the world premiere. In the school year 2006-2007 Demetre continues his studies as a music student and as a composer with Roland Moser at the Music-Academy Basel with a contribution of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation.  Its score ornament is published in summer 2006. 


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