Jansson Gunnar

Jansson Gunnar

Born in Helsingborg on 8th September 1944. He studied the violin with Christer Berter, qualified as a church musician in 1964 after studies with Folke Alm, and graduated as a violin teacher in 1970 after studying with Helge Duvander and Gunnar Andersson. Gunnar Jansson teaches ensemble playing at the Malmö College of Music and plays the viola in the Malmö Symphony Orchestra. The composer himself regards his early contact with organist and composer Torsten Nilsson as a turning point in his personal development. His listed outpout includes chamber music (e.g. Spel för fem for solo soprano and  four instruments (1981), three songs for baritone and cello to words by Jan Oestergren, Missa per quattro tromboni and a string quartet from 1985), but his career opened with an orchestral work, the improvisational Kontentum (1977) for string orchestra. Jansson aroused widespread attention with his cello concerto, a poetically inspired composition. He has referred to nature, especially the sea, as the main inspiration for all his work. “Right at the water’s edge I have my firmest foundation in time and space” (J.Oestergren).



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