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PIZZICATO Verlag Helvetia

The publishing Edizioni Musicali PIZZICATO was established on November 5th, 1985 and its first productions appeared in 1986. These were publications in the field of choral music and productions of high-quality musical paper and musical accessories.
Since 1992 PIZZICATO has been devoting itself principally to choral, chamber, and symphonic music. PIZZICATO also has a leading position in such musical accessories as musical paper and notation books, and can supply no fewer than 36 different kinds of musical paper.
In recent years PIZZICATO has published numerous works by contemporary European composers, particularly those from Switzerland and Slovenia. The Editions Lilium, Brescia ( is the despatch point for thr published works. The owner of the publishing rights is the Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia, member of SUISA.

Our address:
PIZZICATO Verlag Helvetia
Schärbächlistrasse 3
CH-8810 Horgen (Switzerland)
Phone: +41 44 710 62 52
Fax:      +41 44 710 61 53


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