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Unpublished Naples: Music from the Neapolitan Libraries

The city of Naples has played a leading role in the history of music over the las four centuries, and its libraries hold countless secrets that are still waiting to be rediscovered and reevaluated.

The best-known music Libraries are those of Conservatory of Music St. Pietro a Majella and the Girolamini, within many other Libraries also rich of musical treasures, including the private ones.

This Unpublished Naples is a project by Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia which aims to bring to light and make popular the still unkown pages of many composers who contributed to the birth, development an maintenance of what is known worldwide as the Neapolitan School.

The endeavor of the editors began in 2021 with the publication of 25 compilations and will continue and expand in the coming years.

Executive Editors
Olga Laudonia and Francesco Gorio

Editorial Board
Antonio De Rosa, Concetta Pellegrino, Domenico Virgili

New series by Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia


Napolitano, Franco Michele - Notturno - for piano - critical edition by Olga Laudonia - PVH 1871 

Napolitano, Franco Michele - Rêverie - for piano - 
critical edition by Olga Laudonia -PVH 1870

Napolitano, Franco Michele - Danza zingaresca - for piano -
critical edition by Olga Laudonia - PVH 1872

Napolitano, Franco Michele - Avummaria - for tenor, piano and tubular bells -critical edition by Olga Laudonia - PVH 1873 

Serrao, Paolo - Sarabanda - for piano - critical edition by Domenico Virgili - PVH 1874

Serrao, Paolo - Piccolo Valzer Capriccioso - for piano -
critical edition by Domenico Virgili - PVH 1875 

Serrao, Paolo - Nostalgia - for piano - critical edition by Domenico Virgili - PVH 1876   

Serrao, Paolo - Foglio di Album - for piano -
critical edition by Domenico Virgili - PVH 1877    

Serrao, Paolo – Aria Antica – for piano – critical edition by Domenico Virgili - PVH 1878

Serrao, Paolo – La Caccia – for piano – critical edition by Domenico Virgili - PVH 1879    

Falconieri, Andrea - Libro primo di villanelle (1616) - 
critical edition by Concetta Pellegrino - PVH 1880

Falconieri, Andrea - Il Quinto Libro delle musiche a una, due e tre voci (1619) -critical edition by Concetta Pellegrino - PVH 1881

Recupero, Francesco - Sonata prima per fagotto e basso -critical edition by Olga Laudonia and  Marco Palumbo - PVH 1882

Mercadante, Saverio - Tarantella da “La Danza Augurale”‐ for piano -critical edition by Antonio De Rosa and Olga Laudonia - PVH 1834

Durante, Francesco - Salmi e Magnificat - for four voices and continuo - edited by 
Giovanni  Acciai - PVH 2004

Caggiano, Adriana - Elegia - for organ - PVH 1989 

Panariello, Gaetano - Ave Maria - for mixed choir - PVH 2081



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